The Major County Sheriffs' Association (MCSA) is a professional law enforcement association of elected sheriffs representing counties or parishes with 500,000 population or more. We are dedicated to preserving the highest integrity in law enforcement and the elected Office of the Sheriff. Our membership represents over 100 million Americans.

MCSA works to promote a greater understanding of law enforcement strategies to address futures problems and identify law enforcement challenges facing the members of our organization. We are committed to advancing legislative issues that will enhance the safety of our communities.

MCSA also aggressively pursues the development of innovative education along with prevention and enforcement strategies and programs.

We believe that law enforcement and criminal justice organizations benefit greatly by having a forum in which to share ideas, concepts and resources. The MCSA facilitates that process by serving as a law enforcement information gathering resource.

The MCSA is available to provide technical assistance in conjunction with the National Sheriffs' Association, the Major Cities Chiefs, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Training Division, the National Executive Institute and other private or public research entities.

We cordially invite you to contact any MCSA officer for additional information.


SUSAN PAMERLEAU is the Sheriff of Bexar County. The Office of Sheriff serves as the chief law enforcement officer for the county and is also responsible for all judicial support including court security and oversees the operations of the Bexar County Adult Detention Center. She was elected to the position on November 6, 2012, becoming the first woman elected to the post.

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National Sheriff's Association Sheriff of the Year 2016


Sheriff Michael Bouchard, Oakland County MI addresses the National Sheriff's Association after being selected as the NSA Sheriff of the Year 2016. Sheriff Bouchard has been a longtime member of the MCSA Executive Board having served as President and currently serving as Vice President for Governmental Affairs. The many successes achieved by the MCSA are due, in part, to the significant efforts and hard work of Sheriff Bouchard. Congratulations.

Major County Sheriffs' Association Summer Conference Minneapolis, MN


The MCSA held its 2016 Summer Conference in Minneapolis, MN with a number of critical issues being discussed and a presentation on the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Sheriff Rich Stanek, Hennepin County MN welcomes the MCSA attendees to the summer conference in Minneapolis. Not only did he host the MCSA meeting, but he also served as the host Sheriff for the National Sheriff's Conference. The Sheriff and his staff did an outstanding job hosting these excellent events. Sheriff Stanek has tirelessly served the MCSA both as a President and currently as the Vice President for Homeland Security. Further he is the 2016 President of the Minnesota Sheriff's Association and the 3rd Vice President of the NSA.


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